COVID-19 Update

A heartfelt thank you to our members who are sheltering so many who are being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As you know, and what the world is discovering, is that short term rentals are about so much more than vacations. The shelter we provide is literally a refuge for many who have been affected – not only by the virus – but a number of life circumstances where a home environment is safer and more appropriate than hotel accommodations.

Georgia’s Executive Order RE Suspension of Short Term Rentals has serious ramifications for hosts who are providing critical shelter for people seeking housing during this time period. The Governor’s office is treating all short term rental as “vacation rentals” and has made no provision for the essential housing requirements by health workers, people needing to self-quarantine, people in the process of relocating or those whose homes have been damaged in our recent storms.
The Easter evening natural disasters have left some of our citizens around the state with extensive home or road damage or a loss of electricity. We wish to provide them with affordable family housing for their loved ones and pets but the Governor’s order will not let us do so. Please complete the page (link) to inform him of the moral dilemma we all face:
Provide needed housing and risk a misdemeanor offense, or, let families and their pets suffer through this crisis without a temporary home.
Governor Kemp

If you receive a call from someone needing housing assistance because of the Covid Crises instruct them to call the Governor’s hotline 844-442-2681

Following are the specific requests for amendments to the Executive Order that we have made to the Governor’s office:

Rentals to persons conducting or participating in Essential Services as defined in Executive Order Nos. and 04.03.20;

Rentals to persons performing Necessary Travel as defined in Executive Order No.;

Rentals to persons engaged in the performance of, or travel to and from, the performance of Minimum Basic Operations for a business, establishment, corporation, non-profit corporation, or organization not classified as Critical Infrastructure as contemplated in Executive Order No.;

Rentals to persons who are part of the workforce for Critical Infrastructure and are actively engaged in the performance of, or travel to and from, their respective employment as contemplated in Executive Order No.;

Rentals to persons who are in isolation or quarantine due to Covid-19 and persons who are displaced from housing by the need to avoid contact with members of their household who are in isolation or quarantine due to Covid-19; or

Rentals to persons displaced from housing because of: (a) the sale of their residence or termination of a leasehold; (b) damage to their housing; (c) necessary repairs to their housing; or (d) an eviction order.

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