The Final Report of the Georgia House Study Committee on Short-Term Rental Providers

Short Term Rental Providers Study Committee HR 1398.

HR 1398, adopted during the 2018 Legislative Session, established the House Study Committee on ShortTerm Rental Providers. The committee was chaired by Representative Matt Dollar of the 45th district. Other members of the committee included Representatives Karla Drenner of the 85th district, Spencer Frye of the 118th district, Mark Newton of the 123rd district, Butch Parrish of the 158th district, Dale Rutledge of the 109 th district, and Ron Stephens of the 164th district. HR 1398 tasked the committee with conducting a study to determine the best methods to ensure the safety of the public, prevent illegal practices, collect taxes on business activities, and otherwise properly regulate short-term rental providers. The resolution allowed the committee a total of three meetings, however, with permission from Speaker Ralston a fourth meeting was held. The committee utilized all of its meetings to hear testimony from stakeholders in the industry. Two meetings were held in Atlanta at the State Capitol on November 8 and November 18; other meetings were held in Savannah on November 10 and in Athens on December 9.

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